Personalised Service

  • We understand our client’s needs (financial, personal & business).
  • We are the first point of contact. We are accessible and know your financial situation.
  • “We are trustworthy”. We embrace honesty, integrity and confidentiality!
  • Our clients are our most important asset.

Excellent Strategy & Product Knowledge

  • Our knowledge of the finance industry is sound! We guide and recommend what is best for our clients.
  • We are able to offer a variety of options from a large number of financial providers.
  • We understand the complete financial planning process.
  • We are continually undertaking study and examinations to keep us at the cutting edge of financial planning strategies.

Pro-active Attitude

  • We provide our clients with access to our information, feedback, and regular review and update service.
  • We keep our clients up-to-date by ensuring they are aware of new products or new ways of tailoring their plans to better meet their needs.
  • We keep our clients regularly informed of any legislative or industry changes (eg tax, government regulations, other) and provide advice on the best solution. 

Simplify, Make it Easy

  • We make the financial planning process easier by explaining it! We educate our clients.
  • We assist our clients with all paperwork and filling in of forms.
  • We are always available for our clients to contact for any problems, questions or concerns.
  • We provide priority support in the event of a claim!!