Tax Time

Yikes, the end of the financial year is fast approaching. We all have an opportunity to be claiming more than what we use to this tax time as we all

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What is a better investment?

What is a better investment? Business photo created by jcomp – This is one very common question and often one that surprises

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Performance Growth

Is your super performing well???

Over the past 12 months I have reviewed many super funds. With March and April 2020 investments globally falling out of bed it was a serious concern

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More Ways To Contribute To Your Super

As we get older, we are faced with the reality of funding our retirement, and to many this thought can be overwhelming and daunting. So, this is an

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SG increases and its positive impact

SG Super contributions set to increase July 2021 to 10% and will increase each year by 0.5% until 2026 Now, this is only 0.5% of what our current

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Being an Adviser

How To Know If Your Financial Adviser is Trustworthy

On the weekend my husband saw the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald on an article about a Sydney “financial adviser” who went missing

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