Renovating her advice business, with Amie Baker – An interview by Fraser Jack

Renovating her advice business with Amie Baker

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Fraser Jack, it’s always great to catch up with Fraser and this time I had the opportunity to share about the highs and lows of my career and the new direction I am taking my business with Money Coaching and financial education. Thank you Advice Intelligence for sharing my story and for such a great podcast. #financialeducation #money #opportunity #career #share #newdirection

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Amie Baker

Amie is a passionate financial adviser who also is a hard working mum of her 3 boys. With a dedication to helping people in her community and also hosting and running regular charity and fundraiser events, she is a busy professional just like you. Her focus is to help her clients by showing them simple ways they can achieve their financial goals. Amie's success is in the success of her clients.