Are you currently in the early stages of business and seeking financial guidance on how to move forward?

As part of #FemaleEntrepreneur Week, I will be speaking about a variety of topics for the modern #FemaleEntrepreneur, such as how to manage your cashflow in the early stage of your business (particularly if you aren’t paying yourself a wage), the power of investing in yourself and the importance of #FemaleLeadership and what we can do to increase the amount of women in leadership and management positions

– particularly during a time when the gender wage gap is more topical than ever.

Join me for Tank Stream Labs Annual #FemaleEntrepreneur Week on Monday, August 13 from 7.45 – 8.45am, grab your free ticket here:

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Amie Baker

Amie is a passionate financial adviser who also is a hard working mum of her 3 boys. With a dedication to helping people in her community and also hosting and running regular charity and fundraiser events, she is a busy professional just like you. Her focus is to help her clients by showing them simple ways they can achieve their financial goals. Amie's success is in the success of her clients.